Vintage Wedding Style

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Stylish clothes: The wedding dress and the groom's attire can refer to the styles and fashions of the time. The wedding dress can be long, ruffled, lace, illustrated or retro and usually uses more subdued colors such as cream or beige.

Vintage decorations: The wedding venue is usually decorated with vintage decorations, such as antique furniture, vintage pictures, old books or china. Gold, bronze and pastel colors usually dominate the decorations.

Retro flowers: Flowers usually fit the vintage feel, such as roses, poppies, lavender or daisies. More restrained, pastel colors such as pink, cream or purple are characteristic of these flowers.

Retro accessories: At vintage weddings, accessories and details also play an important role. For example, retro cars or bicycles can be the wedding vehicles, retro costumes for the wedding party, and the use of vintage-style invitations and seating cards.

Atmospheric lighting: At vintage weddings, emphasis is often placed on atmospheric lighting. Various lights such as candles, vintage lamps or string lights create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Classical music: At vintage weddings, the music usually evokes the era in question. Jazz, swing or classical music is played at the wedding reception, which contributes to the nostalgic atmosphere.

Vintage weddings are meant to transport people back to an earlier time and create a nostalgic atmosphere.